E-bike tours with Avoriaz Alpine Ski School

04/02/2019 | Chilly Powder

Lucie and Robin from the Chilly Powder team recently joined a fun e-bike tour with Avoriaz Alpine Ski School. Here's what they had to say... 

"Last week we had the chance to try a guided tour on e-bikes in Avoriaz. For those who want to try something new or different during winter holidays in Portes du Soleil, we would highly recommend Avoriaz Alpine Ski School and their e-bike tours. It's an amazing experience and would recommend for all ages! Whether you're  looking for have a casual ride to enjoy the breath-taking views of Portes du Soleil or you're looking for some adrenaline and want to join the advanced group.

Our guide took us on a beautiful scenic ride along the top of Super Morzine on electric fat wheeled bikes. We had never tried it before but it was very easy to get the hang of it! You don't need to use much effort to peddle as the battery kicks in and assists you up the hills or if you're a proud cyclist you have the option to switched it off and have a bit more of a challenge.

At the start of the tour our guide explained everything about how the system works nice and clearly. The group we joined was just 5 people in total.

The tour was so much fun. Exploring part of Super Morzine we had never ventured before, we also got the opportunity to try the jumps if you feel daring enough.

If you are interested to try it, do not hesitate to ask us when you are staying with Chilly Powder or directly to Avoriaz Alpine Ski School. The location is easy to find. Their office is on the Plateau in Avoriaz."

Enquire at reception to find our more about e-bike tours, visit www.avoriazalpineskischool.com or e-mail info@chillypowder.com