Specialty coffee at Chilly Powder

11/02/2019 | Chilly Powder

At Chilly Powder, we love coffee and recently caught up with our supplier Mauricio Villagran from Dojo Coffee, who explains just what goes into making those magic beans! 

Mauricio says, "Why should you care? It’s just coffee. Tell that to the farmer who spent the best part of a year nurturing the plant. Coffee is a very labour intensive commodity, which often goes overlooked - not at Chilly Powder.

"Most restaurants will have conspicuous wine descriptions readily available for the consumer, yet coffee on the other hand, doesn’t get to enjoy the same benefit despite being equally complex.

"You might be surprised to find out that revered chef Heston Blumenthal was using Nespresso just ten years ago. It’s nice to know that 10 years on Heston has managed to find a like-minded local roastery to work closely with. Heston’s reality is one which many businesses in the industry are facing; a major paradigm shift in how we approach coffee."

Mauricio continues, "And why is that you ask?

"Because we are no longer capable of accepting the simplicity of a statement like: “It’s just coffee” anymore. We have changed our lexicon to know that, “This isn’t just any coffee… this is a local variety from the Congolese region of North Kivu, produced by the Judean’s People Front cooperative using the Natural processing method to create a refreshing brew characterised by the berry and tropical notes of this local cultivar”.

"Farmers are far more technically adept than ever and with their passion and commitment they are capable of incredible feats. Feats we should be actively encouraging, promoting, recognising and celebrating as discerning consumers. Farm to table and seed to cup."

"We have become much more connected to coffee producers as a result and this has also provided us with the opportunity to bring tastier coffee to the table."

We agree! There's nothing quiet like a warm cup of coffee to start the day or to warm you up after a cold day on the slopes. 

We're delighted to work with Mauricio, where you can find out more about Dojo Coffee and their passion for coffee at www.dojocoffee.com