Top tips for your child's first ski holiday

16/12/2019 | Chilly Powder

If you're joining us for your first family ski trip with kids, we know you'll be keen to equip them with the right gear for the mountains, ensuring they're comfortbale and having the most fun! WIth so many different kids clothing options on the market, Chilly Powder chatted with Steve from Childrenswardrobe, who shares some insight into his top packing tips for your little one's first ski trip... 


Check the weather before you go

Check out the weather forecast to give you the best indication of what to pack in your child's suitcase. Although you can expect it to definitely be cold, consulting the weather forecast can give you the clearest idea of how many layers you'll need to pack for your little one.

You're likely to get the most accurate information if you look a week before you go, however I know that can be a little too late if you're trying to get well prepared in advance. Instead, you can do a quick internet search to find out what the average temperature, and windchill is for the month you'll be visiting your chosen country.


Find the best time to buy ski gear

It's no secret that ski gear can be expensive to buy, but it's essential for keeping your child warm, comfortable and safe while on the slopes. Despite this, you're unlikely to want to invest in pricey items if there's a risk that your child will outgrow them by the next ski holiday you take them on.

To ensure you get your hands on the necessities for the best prices, I'd advise waiting until the post-Christmas sales and snapping up the deals then. Similarly, you're best off going with non-ski specialist shops as they tend to rotate their stock quicker than those who specialise in selling ski kit.

If you're looking ahead to your skiing holiday next winter, shopping for ski gear during off-peak months, like the summer, can help you to secure some great deals — and that way, it won't matter as much if they outgrow their kit as it was cheaper to buy!


Pack the essentials


For your family skiing holiday, you'll all of course need a complete ski kit for during the day.

For your child’s ski kit, they'll need:

  • A waterproof ski jacket
  • Salopettes/ski trousers
  • Plenty of thin base layers
  • Fleeces and jumpers for mid-layers
  • Ski goggles
  • Ski helmet
  • Ski boots
  • Thick ski socks
  • Ski gloves

If you think your little one will quickly outgrow items like their helmet and ski boots, so you can always look rent. 

You also need to think about what evening clothes to pack for your child. Depending on the length of your stay, the formality of your plans and the weather, it could vary. But, typically, you can get away with packing a few nice shirts and long-sleeved t-shirts, as well as jeans or other smart trousers and comfortable, sturdy shoes or trainers.


Select suitable materials

Before you go out and get your child's ski kit, you need to consider what the best materials to dress them in are. While it will be cold and wet on the slopes, it can also get very warm on mountain peaks, so your child's clothing needs to be able to regulate their body temperature well. This means anything you buy them will need to be breathable enough, but also able to wick away any moisture.

Materials like nylon and polyester are both great for their waterproofs, and merino wool and Lycra are perfect for thermal layers.

Don't forget warm accessories

While ski gloves are essential for the sport, it’s also important that your little one’s hands are kept warm and cosy with some woollen gloves when they are playing in the snow or just sitting outdoors in the resort.

Similarly, a scarf is an important purchase and can be worn with their casual outfits or tucked into the front of their ski jackets to prevent draughts. Of course, they'll need a warm hat with flaps to keep their ears nice and toasty, too.

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