As a beginner you can take a tandem flight with a qualified and experienced guide to get a taster.  You can also take a 3 day or full week course to get your flying certificate which allows you to fly on your own.  Morzine is regular host to the Paragliding World Championships and has some of the best routes in the world.  Once you have mastered the sport you can stay up there for hours catching hundreds of thermals in the area


Fly from one mountain to another on a zip wire reaching speeds of 100km/hour.  Wearing a harness and positioned like superman this is an adrenaline junkies dream.

Hot air Ballooning

Discover the mountains from a different angle, a "Montgolfière" balloon flits nonchalantly over the summits, blown by the wind. Just one unknown factor… where it will land… but don't worry, you will be escorted back to the starting point.

Helicopter Trips  

With Mont Blanc helicopters take a short trip around the mountains, diving in and out of valleys and reaching heights with views not possible any other way.  You can also learn to pilot a helicopter.