Skiing vs. snowboarding – which is best for first-timers?

01/11/2018 | Chilly Powder

If you haven’t been on a winter sports holiday before, you might be wondering what to expect.

Thanks to the thrills, adrenaline rushes and spectacular views, winter sports holidays are an unforgettable experience.

The only problem is: which sport should you choose?

The skiing vs. snowboarding is a long-standing debate and a cause of rivalry on the slopes. But, both sports have a lot going for them.

We take a look at which sport is the better choice for first-timers.

In the Beginning

When it comes to deciding which team to play for, skiing vs. snowboarding, we thought we’d way in on which sport is easier to learn.

Who comes out on top? Here’s a closer look:

The Chair Lift

For any beginner, mastering the chair lift can be a challenge.

But, for skiers, getting on and off the chair lift is easier.


The reason is because, with snowboarding, both your feet are strapped onto one board, which makes walking a challenge. When it comes to getting on and off the chair lift, snowboarders are forced to undo one of the bindings.

But, with skiing, your feet are separate, which makes the movement much more natural. So, we’ve got to give this one to skiing.

Staying Upright

Skiing wins the balance contest also.

For first-time snowboarders, much of the first few days will be spent falling over. However, those who have been surfing or skateboarding before may find getting their balance much easier. Tap into all the previous sports experience you have!

But, in the early stages, it’s generally accepted that skiing is easier. The benefit of having poles and your feet separate is undeniable!

Flat Ground

Flat ground is a snowboarder’s nemesis.

But, thanks to their handy poles, skiers can glide over flatter terrain without much hassle. This is helpful for those just getting to grips with the easier slopes!


If you’re bringing any younger travellers on their first winter sports holiday, skiing is the more child-friendly option.

Ski school is not only fun for kids, but is also the best way to learn!

Snowboarding results in a fair few falls in the first days, which may lead to some tantrums. Skiing is more child-proof!

Becoming a Pro

So, while it’s clear that skiing is the easier sport to learn in the first few days, snowboarding has the edge in other ways.

Skiing is easier to learn, but snowboarding is easier to master. So, if you’re looking to become a pro – listen up!

While a skier might remain upright on the first few days, getting good at the sport is a tough challenge. Skiing is more technical than you may first think!

For snowboarders, looking like a professional on the slopes becomes second nature fairly quickly. This means more tough runs, thrilling stunts and heart-pounding moments.

It’s clear to see why so many adrenaline junkies choose snowboarding!

So, if you’re keen to master your chosen sport, snowboarding might be the best option.

The Winner?

When it comes to weighing it up, skiing is the best choice for beginners. The ease of learning gives it the edge over snowboarding.

But, if you’re keen for a challenge, or you’re on the hunt for some thrills, snowboarding might be calling your name.

So, there’s no winner in terms of which sport is the best overall. You just need to pick your side!

Now you know which team to play for, you just need to get to the slopes.

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